About Us

For both myself and Ekraj Adhakari, (my business partner), this is chapter two in our ‘Book of Dreams’. Within sixteen months of opening our (hugely) successful Kilroy’s of Kathmandu, here we are again, starting a new adventure into the exciting realms of the unknown.

When we fell upon this opportunity, our aim was to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which you could sit back with friends and enjoy of few beers. We wanted to open the kind of bar that we would want to go to. Needless to say, being a Chef I could not help thinking about the food. Again I thought “What do I like to eat when I am off duty and enjoying a few beers with some friends?” The easy answer was “a nice big, juicy steak – with lot’s of chips, of course!” And so the concept evolved – A theme bar without a theme; where the décor is so bad – it’s good; a place where you swagger in and stagger out; where the steaks are sizzled and regulars sozzled.

We have tried very hard, all along, to avoid the clichés and yet without them, it wouldn’t work. Therefore, everything – including the décor and (perhaps especially) the menu – was done with tongue-firmly-in-cheek. K-too! is not the ‘longest’, ‘only’, ‘highest’ or ‘first’ this, that or the other,….or any other superlative you can think of used by many of Kathmandu’s marketing gurus. It is just a relaxed, understated, easy-going bar-and-restaurant that serves THE Coldest Beers and THE Juiciest Steaks on this side of the moon!!! 
So please, sit back, relax and enjoy….

I wish you Bon Appetit!

April Fools Day, 2000

It has now been one year since I wrote that introduction, in which time we have established ourselves as one of the better Steakhouse in town. This year we can introduce our third partner Robert Desjardins – the intrepid Frenchman who introduced me to Nepal! – easily recognizable in his ubiquitous jumpers and smoking his pipe. He has introduced SANGRIA and Good Wines at low prices not to mention the beautiful batiks that can be seen adorning the walls. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and guests for your continued support as we go into our second exciting year of operation.

April Fools Day, 2001

After three years at our old location, we decided that we needed a garden and therefore moved from around the corner. We are pleased with the lovely garden, the new kitchen and the smaller dining room, that is easy to keep warm in the winter. The live sports games have gained in popularity and we try and broadcast as many as possible during regular business hours. We would like to thank all our regular guests and those that are discovering us for your support and we hope that the new wine list, the winter and summer special drinks and the new garden will please you.

April Fools Day 2003